Moving displays and interactive content is key to reaching consumers in the Philippines. Learn how to use digital signage to boost your brand, impress your customers, and reach your audience.
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6 features to look for in a smart LED screen

January 13, 2020

A smart LED screen allows you to run advertisements, special offers, and share information visually throughout your storefront. Smart TVs are connected to your store's internet connection and typically use Wi-Fi to receive their content. Depending on your business needs, you may choose to have one or many screens located throughout your space.

How to use DOOH for any business

January 06, 2020

Chances are good you wouldn't discount traditional advertising as a good choice for your business, so why not DOOH? Whether you're a small, family-run business or a large, multinational conglomerate, DOOH helps you close the loop on your digital marketing efforts and can act as a strong player in your marketing mix.

Digital Signage Implementations in Public Transit

December 30, 2019

While digital signage is far from new to most public transit networks, digital displays can greatly increase the capability of public transportation to communicate with passengers in meaningful ways. Modern transit uses displays to guide passengers, drive revenue, and increase customer satisfaction benefiting both passenger and the organization. 

5 Strategies to Drive Revenue with Digital Signage in Retail Stores

December 23, 2019

Digital signage offers a great deal of opportunities to drive sales, connect with customers, and help customers to make better and more informed choices. This will often naturally result in increased sales, through a combination of better customer awareness of product options and increased customer satisfaction.

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