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Driving Ad Revenue with Digital Signage

February 24, 2020

Digital out of home advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising options. New technologies like advertising and programmatic make it easy for even small businesses to set up and start earning ad revenue with signage, even around existing content like infotainment, entertainment, and customer information.

Digital Signage and Video Conferencing in Educational Environments

February 17, 2020

Educational environments ranging from high school to college to universities are increasingly integrating digital signage. For most, digital signage represents the dual goal to modernize and increase convenience for students while driving revenue and value. This means that displays must take on multiple roles, serving ads to drive revenue, directing students, and offering added value in any space. 

Dare to go digital: How DOOH can influence consumer behavior

February 10, 2020

As technology evolves and interactive DOOH screens become more common, the opportunities for engaging consumers will be endless. By leveraging these technologies and mining consumer data to understand behaviors, marketers will be able to further influence consumer behavior and encourage higher DOOH advertising spends.

Choosing the right hardware for your campus navigational signage

February 03, 2020

Planning the digital signage network best designed to meet your campus' needs before investing in the hardware is a critical first step. Focus on plotting out the four main steps of your campaign - content, network management, location, and budget - and identify your objectives early on. From there, you'll be best equipped to narrow down the hardware specifications you need based on what is most important to your campus.

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