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How digital signage is changing the way we consume content

November 11, 2019

Digital signage has turned content consumption from a private experience - something typically enjoyed on personal devices - into a public experience. It’s made it possible to create personalized experiences at scale in a way we couldn’t imagine. 

How Fortune 500 Companies are Benefiting from Digital Signage

November 04, 2019

Digital signage is rapidly being adopted by more organizations, especially in food, service, and hospitality industries. These applications vary widely, are sometimes custom to the organization, and offer new possibilities for the organization and for customers. Most utilize digital screens with technology like real-time data integration and automation, customer recognition, sensors, or other data to create more personalized and more relevant displays. 

5 Ways to Utilize Digital Signage at Conferences & Events

October 28, 2019

Taking into account the motivation of consumers and psychology of advertising, companies can use digital signage for displaying an event schedule, social media discussions, speaker details, sponsor promotion, and wayfinding. However DOOH is utilized, it’s sure to be a creative and interactive way to engage event attendees.

4 Strategic Places to Position Digital Signage in Your Retail Store

October 21, 2019

Retail stores can increasingly utilize digital signage in smarter ways, making more of spaces, technology, and customer interaction. Today’s digital screens offer customer support, product information, interactive ads, and much more. And, with careful placement, they will help to boost sales, customer satisfaction, and improve customer awareness of products.

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