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4 Strategic Places to Position Digital Signage in Your Retail Store

October 21, 2019

Retail stores can increasingly utilize digital signage in smarter ways, making more of spaces, technology, and customer interaction. Today’s digital screens offer customer support, product information, interactive ads, and much more. And, with careful placement, they will help to boost sales, customer satisfaction, and improve customer awareness of products.

How to Use Digital Screens to Create Ever-Changing Experiences

October 14, 2019

Digital displays have come a long way since the commercial LED displays of the late 90s. Today, organizations can install screens in nearly every environment, with everything from QLED displays that retain HD-quality from even inches away to curved displays that fit into any part of a building.

Corporate TV Checklist: How to Choose the Right Screens for Business Use

September 30, 2019

In most cases, you can easily choose a TV for corporate needs by identifying needs, setting a budget, and choosing models that fit that scope. Pay attention to factors such as compatibility with existing software such as room or resource booking, VoIP, or other hardware. It’s also a good idea to ensure that most or all TVs in your organization are the same, so individuals can easily move between rooms and interact with any devices available to them without requiring additional training.

Understanding the Components of a Digital Signage Network

September 23, 2019

Digital signage networks are more complex than ever before, with an increasing range of choice, solutions, and features. However, choosing one is often about selecting solutions that meet your needs and budget. Once you do so, you’ll quickly find that digital signage networks are relatively simple, even without the help of an installer. 

Digital Signage Strategies to Increase Sales

September 16, 2019

Digital signage is one of the most flexible ways to add Out of Home advertising to retail spaces. With numerous advantages over printed paper (such as the ability to update instantly), smarter databases and solutions, and the ability to personalize messaging to products, people, and customer accounts, digital signage offers an extremely powerful way to promote sales.

LCD vs OLED Digital Signage: Making the Best Choice for Your Application

September 09, 2019

Both LCD and OLED digital signage displays offer a lot of advantages. Most businesses will eventually lean towards LCD for cost-effectiveness, quality, and good results for the money. However, OLED are increasingly popular, especially as costs drop.

6 Applications of Digital Signage in Quick-Service Restaurants

September 02, 2019

Digital signage is rapidly increasing in popularity, especially as new tools like touchscreen, automation, and smarter uses of data allow businesses to do more with them. This is especially true in quick-service restaurants, where digital signage can cut costs, increase customer satisfaction, and boost advertising and promotional efforts before and during the sale.

4 Ways Digital Menus Drive Revenue and Return on Value

August 26, 2019

How do digital menus actually drive value? Installing and setting up a digital menu system is time-consuming and expensive, especially if you’re going for touchscreen and self-service options. Understanding where and how you’ll see value back is important. While the real value will change depending on your specific customers, traffic volume, and digital signage software, there are a lot of ways to drive return and save money with digital menus.

5 Applications of Digital Signage on Campus

August 19, 2019

Digital signage makes it easy to instantly push messaging across even a large campus, making it easier for staff to share last-minute schedule changes, emergency alerts, and to highlight offers, events, or requests to students. Plus, with interactivity and real-time-data, digital signage offers value in the form of wayfinding, interactive menus and ordering, and interactive schedules and rosters, making them valuable for students and staff alike.

Choosing Display Screens for Your Environment and Needs

August 12, 2019

While the ideal process it to work with a digital signage installer who can supply display screens and hardware to your environment and needs, it’s also good for you to have a basic understanding of what you need and why. This guide will cover the general information you need to know to pick display signage that works for your organization.